Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sydney

The Birchtree Centre 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge

Every Monday 10:00-11:00am, Thursday 7:15pm-8:15pm & Saturday 4:30-5.30pm

Trauma Sensitive Yoga can support the healing process by helping a trauma survivor to find stability and safety in the body. Mindful movement and the direct experience of sensation can cultivate presence and awareness, which begins the process of reclaiming the body and building resilience.

You will be guided through gentle moving yoga poses inviting you to notice what you feel in your body and practice making empowering choices based on what you’re feeling, in a safe and supportive environment.

Read more about trauma sensitive yoga here. 

$25 Drop In / $18 Concession
$220 10 Class Pass / $150 10 Class Pass Concession

No prior yoga experience is necessary. Yoga mats will be provided. Before coming along, please register your interest below.

The beauty of trauma-sensitive yoga is that no one is there to talk about their experience of trauma. There is a shared energy - a bond and an understanding that everyone is in the room because they may have had a similar experience. We are there to breathe together and move together as a community, and it’s a powerful things to share this connection.
— Zabie Yamasaki, Founder of Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga